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A) GV & W Britton propose R Knight & Sons Second

Rescind Rule 21

Rule 21 to read:

Hours of Darkness (HOD). The HOD shall be:

• From 21.30hrs day of liberation until 04.45hrs next day for races taking place in May and July. • From 22.00hrs day of liberation until 04.30hrs next day for races marked in June.

• From 20.00hrs day of liberation until 06.15hrs next day for races taking place in September.

The HOD will be modified by incremental 10 minute periods should any bird be timed in within 40 minutes of close of each day, (eg Bird clocked at 10:07 extends HOD to 10:10. Bird clocked at 10:11 extends HOD to 10:20 etc) Each bird timed within the 40 minute period MUST be verified via the lib-line service and within 30 minutes of timing. Birds clocked after this time will be credited with a time from the opening of the race on the next day.

Carried 41 for 21 Against

B) Propsed Mr & Mrs Wright & Newbold ,Seconded D Perry

Recind Rule 2:2:2

Rule 2:2:2 to read:

2.2.2 Boundaries The boundary of the club will be, all lofts situated at least 470 miles from Victoria

Pier LERWICK. (RPRA official liberation site code 4057)

Failed 15 For 46 AgainstRead-more

Auction News

" NRCC Auction

Some of the birds on offer on the NRCC Day of Champions Sale

" Read-more

Day of Champions Sale

"NRCC Auction

Some of the birds on offer on the NRCC Day of Champions Sale


Old Hens Provisional

C Wright & Mr & Mrs Newbold Louth 1603.7871 C D Perry Alford 1590.307 C Upsall & Grandson Boston 1552.2321 C Dayton & Sayers Louth 1533.891 C Mr & Mrs P Newbold Friskney 1533.120 C Mr & Mrs D Evans Alford 1501.1579 F R Hughes & Son Wisbech 1452.8029 F I & S Rich Isleham 1417.7956 F W G Mellett Kings Lynn 1413.8805 C K Ward Boston 1406.9084 C F Corby Boston 1405.8039 F Woods & Batch Loft 1 Norwich 1387.7169 F D Bryant & Son Lowestoft 1386.6293 B W A Pell Peterborough 1373.7439 F J Purcell 1339.680 F K Warnes Norwich 1323.4167 F M Harrod Lowestoft 1313.267 F F Bannister March 1307.0406 F J & N Gawthorp Chatteris 1283.0569 F R G Prewer Bury St Edmunds 1224.430 F M Neal Bury St Edmunds 1151.0441 H J Lamprell Cheshunt 1149.6957 I A Pountney Romford 1140.3026 I Mr & Mrs Christensen Basildon 1042.1564 F S Rudledge Norwich 1008.6312 A Rick & Spiers Nottingham 969.084 Read-more

Berwick YB & OH

The Berwick pigeons have been liberated by our convoyers Darren and Merv at 10.15 in a fresh North East wind. The Old Hens provisional result will appear on this page later on in the day and the Young Bird provisional result will be in the normal place - (Racing - Provisional results ) Read-more

Berwick YB OH

There is NO liberation at Berwick at the moment. There are heavy showers in and around the racepoint so please check back on this page around 10.00 when we hope to have better news. .Read-more

Race Opens 04:45am

Set your alarm clocks. The race opens at 04:45amRead-more

Thurso Liberation

The pigeons at Thurso on Friday 21st July have been LIBERATED by convoyers Darren and Merv at 6.15 am in a South East wind Read-more

Thurso Marking

PLEASE NOTE: Thurso marking takes place on WEDNESDAY 19th JULY 2017 Thank You Ian BellamyRead-more

LERWICK Liberation

The Lerwick birds have been liberated by convoyers Darren & Merv on Saturday 1st July at 5.45am in a light North West Wind turning South West en route. Good luck to you all. Picture is of Lerwick at 3.30am on 1st JulyRead-more


Sunday 11th June

"The conveyer liberated the pigeons at 05:30 hrs in a fresh south west wind. good luckRead-more


With rain setting in early at the racepoint and the rest of Scotland convoyers Darren and Merv have no choice but to HOLDOVER today.Read-more

Birds at Fraserburgh

The NRCC birds were rested at Ecclefechen watered and givena light feed. They continued thier journey this morning and arrived at fraserburgh at 11:50 this morning and were fed around 14:30hrs this afternoonRead-more


The PERTH birds were liberated by our convoyers Darren and Merv at 5.45 in a light South East wind. Read-more

Perth Entry

You can enter the Racing Pigeon Perth race online or with your papaer entry form.All entries must be in by Tuesday 23rd.

You may print an entry form from the downlaod are if you require one.Read-more

Dunbar Result

You may or may not know that the NRCC has purchased new race result software for this season and with everything new there will be teething problems.

We are having problems with the pools side of the result and have got to have that part re-written.

I have managed to put a no pools result on this site and will complete the final result as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.Read-more

Verify Online

Please Read Carefully

If you have previously used our online verification, you do not need to create a new login.

If you have not then please use your RPRA number as your username.

We will only activate your account when we have verified that you are a member.

We will not activate pseudonyms.

Thank you" Read-more


The Dunbar birds were liberated by convoyers Darren & Merv at 8.45 in a West South West wind. Good LuckRead-more

Dunbar Feeding Time

The convoyers have got the food prepared for the pigeons at Dunbar. They will be fed around 2.00pm this afternoon Read-more

Dunbar Hold Over

With very little improvement in the weather at Dunbar convoyers Darren & Merv have decided to HOLDOVER. NRCC weather strikes againRead-more

Paypal Online

You can now enter and pay online with Paypal

We are aware that members have had problems paying their online race entry through paypal.

This has now been resolved

Those members that have sent their online forms through can either pay by cheque when they deliver their birds to the marking station or they can resnd their forms once paypal is back in action. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Those that do wish to enter online please could they wait until this evening, thank you." Read-more

2017 Paperwork

The hand book arrived at lunch time today and all paperwork has been sent out first class today.
The delay is totally my fault and appologise for any inconvenience caused.
Ray KnightRead-more

Nottingham Marking


The location and address in the 2017 hand book is totally wrong!

The correct address is; Calverton Working Mens Club,
Collyer Road,
NG14 6JXRead-more

Marking at Wyberton

The committee have taken the decision to close the marking station at Spalding due to access, overnight crate storage and over hanging trees. This ear will see us move to the Wyberton Sports and Social Club at the Causeway, Wyberton, Boston PE21 7BS.

The facilities are the same at Spalding complete with kitchen so you will not be loosing your bacon rolls. The venue has large double doors, large car park and ‘no steps’!

Marking for Perth will not start until 12:00 noon and no sheets accepted after 13:30hrs.Read-more

Marking at Cheshunt

We are welcoming a number of new members this year, and we hope that figure will receive a boost by the trial of a new marking station for the London area. It will be at Cheshunt Football Club, Theobalds Lane, Cheshunt



Last year – 2016 – became a major milestone in the long and illustrious history of the North Road Championship Club when it saw members compete in the club’s
100th race from Lerwick


Berwick YB 2016

The name Sayers appears six times in the North Road Championship Club 2016 Year Book as winner of open races. Next year that number will leap to eight.


Thurso 2016

Husband and wife team, Dave and Pat Evans, cemented their place among the North Road Championship Club elite with an impressive win in the PJ Lofts-sponsored race from Thurso, the final old bird race of the season.


Lerwick 2016

The North Road Championship Club’s centenary race from Lerwick, the Unikon King George V Challenge Cup race, reminded us of many of the lessons we should have learned from some of the previous 99 races.


Perth 2016

It was an afternoon of agony and ecstasy for Brian and Christine Guilford before it was confirmed that their dream of winning an open race with the North Road Championship Club had become a reality.


Dunbar 2016

Roy (Rocky) Wilson has joined a special, elite group of fanciers who have won two North Road Championship Club races.


Lerwick Show Class

There will be Show Class at the 2017 Blackpool Show for any pigeon that has flown Lerwick during the last two years.

Your entry form can be found on the downloads page on this website, thank you.Read-more


Existing members may print their 2017 form off on the download page and new members are welcome to use this form too.Read-more

AGM Voting

You can download or print your voting papers on the download pageRead-more



The AGM of the above club will be held on
Saturday 10th December 2016 at 1:00pm at the
Great Gonerby Social Club, 8 High St, Great Gonerby,
Grantham NG31 8JP


Day of Champions Sale

2016 NRCC Day of Champions Sale
Springfields Exhibition Centre, Spalding, Lincs PE12 6EU
Viewing 11:30hrs Sale kicks off 13:00hrs
Telephone Bids to Ray Knight 01205 871901 or Brian Garnham 01205 760696

The NRCC ids one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the UK today.
Their membership over the years has and still does boast some of the best names in pigeon sport in the UK. Here we offer you a select draft of older birds of impeccable quality that will grace any loft.
Following on from the older birds we have a promise of a 2017 young bird from some of our fiercest competitors that have been topping the results in recent years.Rest assured you will not be disappointed.
Here is a selection of birds to wet your appetite. More will be added later and telephone bidding will start on Firday 25th November and the birds will open in the room at the highest telephone bid at the NRCC Day of Champions on Saturday 3rd December 2017
More details can be found on the NRCC’s web site at www.nrcc.co.uk


2017 Race Programme

North Road Champiosnhip Club 2017 Race Programme

Dunabr May 13th - Basket Friday

Perth May 27th Perth Basket Thursday

Fraserburgh June 10th Basket Thursday

Lerwick July 1st Basket Wednesday

Thurso (Friday Lib) July 21st Basket Wednesday, 

YB/OH Berwick 9th September Basket Friday

Organisations requiring convoying for 2017 should contact the secretary for further details. " Read-more

Return of Trophies

Please make arrangements to return your NRCC Trophies to the NRCC secretary or a member of the committee at your earliest convenience.

If you wish they may be returned at the Racing Pigeon Show on Saturday November the 12th.

Please wrap them well, thank you.Read-more

Trophy Winners

The North Road Championship Club

President: R. Sturgess

Trophy / Prize Winners 2016


King George V Challenge Cup and Replica L Hall & E Seabourne Norwich
F W Marriot Memorial Cup L Hall & E Seabourne Norwich
F George Memorial Cup L Hall & E Seabourne Norwich
Joe Bates Shetland Trophy L Hall & E Seabourne Norwich
Hartridge Challenge Cup Moore & Ransome Chatteris
Simms Vase Moore & Ransome Chatteris
Day Challenge Cup Moore & Ransome Chatteris
British Homing World Challenge Plate Moore & Ransome Chatteris
J E Talbott Memorial Trophy T Winterton Holbeach
J Walter Jones Memorial Trophy B & L Cutts Carlton
Magna Challenge Cup D Brackenbury Boston
D J MacArthur Cup J K Hore Hoddesdon
Everest Memorial Trophy S P Crawford Ipswich
W Wilson Memorial Trophy P & E Kellett Romford
Whitworth Lerwick Trophy B & L Cutts Carlton
Section A Cup B & L Cutts Carlton
Section B Cup J Norris Grantham
Section C Cup T Winterton Holbeach
Section E Cup G V & W Britton Peterborough
Section F Cup L Hall & E Seabourne Norwich
Section H Cup P & E Kellett Romford
Section I Cup S P Crawford Ipswich


2016 AGM

"The AGM of the NRCC will be held on Saturday 10th December at the Farmers, 200 Broadway, Yaxley, Peterborough, PE7 3NT, at 13:00hrs

Propositions are to be in the secretary's hands with a seconder by no later than first post on Saturday 12th November 2016Read-more

Berwick OH so far

C Dayton & Sayers Louth 1808.1061

C Mr & Mrs D Evans Alford 1764.2474

C K Ward Boston 1755.2857

C Mr & Mrs D Thomas Alford 1752.1641

F L Hall & E Seabourne Norwich 1740.1406

F D Bryant & Son Lowestoft 1729.5591

C D Perry Alford 1726.8485

B W A Pell Peterborough 1687.5733

C D & M Saint Holbeach 1679.4026

F R & J Burrage Norwich 1670.6038

C Upsall & Grandson Boston 1657.1126

A D Lack Nottingham 1650.4502

F M Neal Bury St Edmunds 1642.049

F W G Mellett Kings Lynn 1637.419

F M Scrivens Lowestoft 1628.6453

F I Duncan Norwich 1628.4453

F Walton & Edgar Thompson 1626.1287

F I & S Rich Isleham 1621.795

F J Buckle & Son Stowmarket 1613.0233

A K D Spiers Nottingham 1608.2279

F M Harrod Lowestoft 1606.5633

F T & W Wilson Norwich 1592.3132

F C H Bird Wymondham 1589.0071

A Mr & Mrs P Shaw Ruddington 1566.4779

C Kirkman & Weir Boston 1565.4364

B M Lowe Moulton 1525.751

E J Summers Leicester 1382.9355

E S Conkey Peterborough 1234.8135 Read-more

Verify Old Hens

Please verify your old hens by caling


The result will be on the news page, thank youRead-more

Berwick YB & OH

The Berwick birds were liberated by convoyer Darren Shepherd at 10.45 in a strong north east wind turning north west en route. Good luck to all. Read-more

Berwick Update

The weather is improving at the racepoint and there is a possibility of a liberation a little later. We cannot give an exact time so please check back on this page at regular intervals for more information.Read-more

Berwick YB & OH

It is raining at Berwick at the moment and does not look to clear until around late morning. Please check back on this page around 10.00 for a further update.Read-more

Berwick YB & OH

There is complete cloud cover at Berwick and with a poor forecast for later on in the day the Convoyer Darren Shepherd has decided to HOLDOVERRead-more


When enetring online, please remember to click update

and wait patiently for the next page

Please do not keep clicking

thank you



Well on Monday 29th August Merv Greatrix will travel to Geraldy in Germany to collect our transporter. The truck boast a double sleeper cab, living accomadation for the convoyer, storage and a capacity for 2000 pigeons, how ever we will not be filling the crates to capicity as we will also be taking a delivery of aGeraldy trailer which has a capacity for 1200 birds.Read-more


TUESDAY Good News. The Thurso birds were liberated by convoyer Darren Shepherd at 7.40 in a West North West wind. Good Luck " Read-more

Thurso = Monday

The weather in Thurso and Scotland in general is rain and fog and no good for a liberation today. Local Thurso fanciers have visited the transporter and said how well the birds are looking so rest assured that Darren and Merv are doing their best under miserable conditions. THURSO BIRDS HELDOVER.Read-more

Thurso - Sunday

It's raining at Thurso this morning (Sunday) so convoyer Darren Shepherd has again HELDOVER Read-more


" It is a nice morning at Thurso, however, there is heavy rain from Fraserburgh right down to Newcastle that looks set to remain for the day. The convoyer Darren Shepherd has no choice but to HOLDOVER. Repeat Thurso birds are HELDOVER." Read-more

Arrived at Thurso

The birds are now at Thurso and standing with water on and will be fed shortly.

Let's hope we are able to enjoy those blue skys tomorrow.Read-more

Thurso 2016

Well, all loaded in to the trailer at Spalding ready for thier journey to Nottingham and then on to Thurso.

I can conform the transporter and birds are parked up at Ecclefechen and have been fed and watered by Darren and Merv.

Tomorrow morning they will continue thier journey to Thurso where the birds will tended to again.Read-more


The birds at Lerwick were liberated by convoyer Darren Shepherd on Monday 27 June at 7.30 in a West wind. Good Luck. Read-more

Lerwick - Holdover

SUNDAY The weather has not improved sufficiently to have a liberation from Lerwick therefore convoyer Darren Shepherd has decided to HOLDOVER Read-more

Lerwick - Update

There is still no liberation from Lerwick at the moment. The convoyer, weather advisors and committee will make a final decision around 10.30 Read-more

How to create a login

If you are a member and wish to verify on line please it is simple.


Lerwick Entries

The entry date for Lerwick has been extended.

Postal entry forms must be posted on Friday in time to reach the race secretary by Monday 20th June.

Online entries must be done by Monday lunch time.

Please keep to these times. .

Basketing is Wednesday 22nd June

Thankyou Read-more


On behalf of the committee we send out a big thank you to all of you the members for being patient and having the understanding during the return of the birds from Fraserburgh.

The welfare of the birds is always at the forefront of the NRCC and we can now look forward to our 100th race from Lerwick.

Thankyou." Read-more

At Cambridge 7PM

The birds marked at Cambridge will can be collected from 7pm at the Cambridge marking station from 19:15hrs this evening" Read-more


Pigeons that were marked at Norwich will be collected by Leroy King. Please be patient and wait for an update. ThankyouRead-more


The Ipswich pigeons are on route to Cambridge and will be there for 19:00Hrs.

Peter Crawford has been informed of this, if however you wish to travel to Cambridge as you are inbetween marking stations, please liase with Peter as you may be able to help a local fancier too.


Fraserburgh Up Date

"The Pigeons will arrive at the transport hub at Stickney Green Haven/Main Rd, Boston PE22 8AE at 4pm

All pigeons that were marked at Spalding will be taken to the Boston Central pigeon Club 91 Field St, Boston PE21 6TR

Please park at the Football Club car park at The Jakesmans Stadium, York St, Boston PE21 6JNRead-more

Birds at Berwick

The birds have now been brought back to Berwick and have been fed and watered by Maerv and Darren.

Further updates will be posted on the web site tomorrow. Thankyou.Read-more


The weather does not look like improving in Scotland for the coming week so the Emergency Committee have been contacted and it has been decided to bring the birds back to Berwick today (Sunday) where they can be fed and watered, rested overnight with the possibility of a race from Berwick on Monday. Further updates will be put on this site when more information is known Read-more


There is no chance of a liberation from Fraserburgh today (Saturday) so convoyer Darren Shepherd has called a HOLDOVER. Read-more


Convoyer Darren Shepherd liberated the Perth birds at 10.00 in a North East wind. Good luck to all.Read-more

Driver Wanted

The NRCC ar looking for a driver for thier pre race pick upsRead-more

NRCC Transporter

It’s on the way . . . the North Road Championship Club moved a step closer to its aim of having its own state-of-the-art transporter this week.


Create Login

Have you created your new login?

Even if you have verified online before you now need to create a new login.

Use your 'Competing Number' as your user name." Read-more


To verify online you will need to create a new login.

When doing so please use your competing number as your user name.Read-more

Dunbar Provisional

Below is an updated Provisional Result, our congratulations go to Rocky Wilson on his win making Rocky a double NRCC winner.

Please note this result is subject to some change a. please call back during the week when we should have the 'provisonal Result' page up. Our programmer worked tirlessly yesterday and 'Sunny' if you read this well, a big thankyou from our organisation.


Dunbar Verification

We appologise for the inconvenience caused with todays verification, I am working on this and as soon as it is fixed we will notify all via this web site and Social Media

If you are not showing in this list and verified earlier please check carfully and verify again

Thank you, Ray

This does not affect Telephone verifications.Read-more


This is a view of Dunbar taken by the side of the transporter just before liberation on 14 May 2016Read-more


The Dunbar pigeons on 14th May 2016 were liberated by convoyer Darren Shepherd at 8.00 in a Fresh North West Wind. Good LuckRead-more

100th Lerwick Race

Plans are emerging for the most anticipated ever North Road Championship Club race from Lerwick.


2015 AGM

The 2015 AGM was held at The Farmers, Yaxley, Peterborough, and the only reminder of the difficulties of the recent past was that there were no minutes of the previous annual meeting forthcoming from the former secretaries, and so these could not be approved – or rejectedRead-more

Berwick old Hens

The Old Hens Race, held in conjunction with the Young Bird National, attracted an entry of 117 birds from 34 members, and was won, for the second time, by Dave and Pat Evans, of Alford.


Young Bird Berwick

For the third successive year, Ray Knight delivered a masterclass in young bird racing in the North Road Championship Club’s Osmonds-sponsored classic from Berwick.


Thurso 2015

Ask David Rouse what is his lucky number, and he will have no hesitation in telling you that it is 16.


Lerwick 2015

Isleham is a rural fenland village in the south-east corner of Cambridgshire, and among the population of about 2, 300 is just one pigeon fancier. His name? Ivan Rich.


Fraserburgh 2015

The Canaries have been singing at full throttle in Norwich this summer and, right now, there is not one of them more chirpy than Kevin Crotch who won the North Road Championship Club’s race from Fraserburgh, sponsored by Bamford’s Top Flight.


Perth 2015

It could have been argued, even before the North Road Championship Club’s latest race from Perth, sponsored by the Racing Pigeon, that 72-year-old Albert Sayers was among the all-time greats of sprint and middle-distance racing in this famous old club.


Dunbar 2015

What a great weekend it was for the fair city of Norwich, and especially for one of pigeon racing’s favourite dynasties, the partnership of Mr and Mrs O King and Sons.


Auction News

"The NRCC Day of Champions Auction

The NRCC ids one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the UK today. Their membership over the years has and still does boast some of the best names in pigeon sport in the UK.

Here we offer you a select draft of older birds of impeccable quality that will grace any loft.

Following on from the older birds we have a promise of a 2016 young bird from some of our fiercest competitors that have been topping the results in recent years. Rest assured you will not be disappointed.

Here is a selection of birds to wet your appetite. More will be added later and telephone bidding will start on Firday 27th November and the birds will open in the room at the highest telephone bid.

Older Birds

Lot 1: Dayton & Sayers, winners of this years Perh race and yes what a way to kick the sale off the bird offered is direct from their 2015 Perth winner when couple to a Soonjten cock that this hen has already bred winners with, now then lets recap, this pigeon is from a 2015 NRCC Open winner and a at the same time a full brother to a winner!

Lot : John Bellerby Blue Chequer Cock (2012) Eric Ceulemans, John won NRCC himself in 2012 from Perth. The pigeon is a full brother to Franks Bristows ‘Rosie’ which was bred by Johns pigeons at Franks loft. Rosie was a multiple Midland National Section winner as a yearling.

Lot 3: Ray Knight, Blue Hen, a mature young bird bred from our Leo Hermans lines, to be precise a daughter of our first Open old hens winner, now this hen did not only win the sold hens race but arrived with our first drop of 12 pigeons on that day so is probably the only old hen to ever record a velocity higher the the young birds in this race.

Lot 4: John Lensen, Cheq W/F Hen Soontjen John is a true racing man, no free loaders are kept in this loft. John races a formidable team of Soontjen pigeons right through from, club, federation and open level. Sire is GB05/118 bred by Brian Clayburn, now they do not come any better than that, He is a son of 1st 3116 birds from Picauvuille as a yb on a velocity of 1066ypm and a winner from 1st club, 6th fed as a yearling 4326 birds. Dam of lot four was bred by Ray Forbes of Durham and yet another great source for the original Soontjens and gis bred from children such pigeons as Pied Geschifte own son of Geschifte, the Tame Hen,, Blue Geschifte a winner of 6 x first for Jos Soontjen and again a direct son of Geschifte. Ladies and gentleman if you are looking to bring in some top proven winning blood, you will not go wrong with having a go at this pigeon.

Lot 5: Kevin Cotch Kevin and Family were winners of the 2015 Fraserburgh race and Kevin has selected a cracking hen bird from his Frans Zwolls pigeons, rest assured Kevin spered no expense when restarting in the sport and his meteoric rise to Open Class level is testament to his family of direct Fans Zwolls. " Read-more

Time to return them!

It is that time that we need your trophies returned. Please call Ray Knight on 01205 871901 to arrange the return of your trophy.

Thank youRead-more

Day of Champions

In a months time the UK will see the first Day of Champions’ in the UK. Presentation dinners are fast becoming a thing of the past so the NRCC have taken it up on themselves to celebrate their 2015 winners in a different way and in doing so invite all of the fancy to come and join them at the ‘NRCC Day of Champions’ that will take place on Saturday 5th December at the Springfields Exhibition Centre

The venue is located on the Springfields Shoping outlet at Spalding in Lincolnshire. Springfields comprises of not only a purpose built exhibition hall but over 55 outlet stores with 25 acres of leisure attractions, so ladies while the fellas enjoy the pigeons you may wish to enjoy browsing the many top brand outlets including M&S, Gap Outlet, and Radley plus many more. Some thing to eat at lunch time with the girls, no problem you can choose from a range of cafes and restaurants.

The complex also has a Travelodge onsite should you choose to travel down on the Friday.

In total we will have some twenty odd trade stands with market leaders such as Body & Ridewood, PJ Lofts, Osmonds, Unikon, Bamfords, Respro San Dry, Peter Bennett Photographer, Retford Poultry, Ray Knight Video, TPS Software, Belgica, Racing Pigeon, PJ Mills Clocks and many more including various breeding studs.

Two auctions will take place one with pigeon donated by members of the NRCC and following this will be a sale for a ‘2016 youngster’ More details of the sale will be published in the BHW, RP and on the NRCC web site. at www.nrcc.co.uk

All of our 2015 section and Open winners have been invited to bring along their winners and previous Kings Cup winners will be on display, now where are you ever going to see so many Open Class winners in one room, along with of course the prestigious King George V Cup.

If you are interested in booking a trade stand at the event please contact the NRCC secretary on 01205 871901 or 07739 571166. the venue has excellent facilities and allows vehicle access into the hall to build up your stand.

Some of the calls I have ben fielding for the event have been from fanciers asking is the event for NRCC members only, the answer is ‘no it is for all pigeon fanciers’ so feel free to come along and join in this great clubs ‘Day of Champions’

Ray Knight (Secretary)Read-more


"""Please verify Old hens on Lib Line Tel 9063 656 238Read-more


Photo is of Berwick at liberation time.Read-more


" The Berwick Young Bird and Old hens were liberated at 8.30am this morning (Sunday) by convoyers Darren Shepherd and Mervyn Greatrix in a South West wind. Good luck to you all." Read-more


It is raining now at Berwick and down the North East side of England so Darren the convoyer has called a HOLOVER for today (Saturday)Read-more

Berwick YB & OH

"" I have spoken to the convoyer this morning and he reports that it is not looking good for a liberation today, however, a final decision will be made at around 9.30. Please check back at that time." Ian Bellamy" Read-more

Berwick Online Entry

""The Berwick online entry form issues have now been sorted. Please feel free to now enter your birds online. " "Ian Bellamy Read-more

Sections at Lerwick

The dust has settled over the North Road Championship Club’s Unikon King George V Challenge Cup race from Lerwick, but the admiration remains for the excellent performance by winner Ivan Rich on an occasion when only ten birds were timed in on the day of liberation. Read-more

Hours of Darkness

Please Note. The hours of darkness for Thurso are 9.47 pm Monday until 4.45 am Tuesday. ( The last bird home on the day was timed at 9.47 see General Rule 21 ) Read-more

Thurso - Monday Lib.

" The pigeons were liberated by convoyer Darren Shepherd at 6.30 in a South East wind. Good Luck" Read-more

Thurso - Sunday

Although there is improvement in the weather in Scotland it is not getting good enough for us to liberate, so convoyer Darren Shepherd has no choice but to HOLDOVER again. Sunday 19th July - HOLDOVER" Read-more

THURSO Holdover

Saturday 18th July Although the weather at Thurso and much of England had sunshine this morning there was rain in Scotland which looks like it is not going to clear through. Convoyer Darren Shepherd has decided to call a HOLDOVER for today.Read-more

Thurso - 1600 Birds

The NRCC have just over 1600 birds basketed for the PJ Lofts Thurso Race. Please call back later for updates.Read-more

Convoyers Report

Lerwick 2015 Convoyer’s report

Racing from Lerwick is not only a big challenge for birds and fanciers, but also for the convoyer – aided by the advisory team around him – who is the key man whose decisions have the power of making a success, or failure, of the race.


Woodston Trophy

Don't forget when filling your entry sheet in you need to nominate two pigeons and pay £2. Well of course you don't need to but if you wish to fly for the new 'Woodston Trophy' then you do.

The winner will take all reciepts and will hold the trophy for the follwing season

Good luckRead-more

Thurso Birdage Price

Please not the birdage price for Thurso is £4.60 per pigeon and not as printed on the sheets that were posted out, this was an error on my part, I do appologise, but I am only human.

Also don't forhet the Woodston Trophy which is available to all sections and you can nominate 2 birds for £2, all receipts to the winner, each season. Read-more

Two Day Race

We are experiencing a problem with the hours of darkness calculator and we will be adjusting the velocities to the correct ones through out the day.

You may still verify online but please bear with us during this time.

Thank youRead-more

Hours of Darkness

Hours of Darkness The hours of darkness shall be from 22.00hrs day of liberation, until 04.30hrs next day, for races taking place in June.

The hours of darkness will be modified should any member time in within 30 minutes of close of each day, each bird timed within the 30 minute period MUST be verified via the lib-line service or online and within 60 minutes of timing.

Birds clocked after this time will be credited with a time from the opening of the race on the next day.Read-more

Lerwick - Monday

Photo is of Lerwick earlier this morning, ideal for a liberation. Darren had them up and away at 6.00Read-more

Lerwick Liberation

Monday 29th June.

The Lerwick birds have been liberated by convoyer Darren Shepherd at 6.00 in a South West wind.

Good Luck to you all." Read-more

Lerwick Sunday

Although the weather in the Shetlands has improved there is now rain into Scotland and the conditions are not favourable so the convoyer Darren Shepherd has decided to call a HOLDOVER for today Read-more

Get it Weighed

The race secretary has recieved some late results for Fraserburgh.

We can not stress enough that a first class stamp is probably not enough for clock officers returning verification cards and such.

Please get it weighed, the club will happily re-imburse these fees at the end of the season providing reciepts are supplied with your claim.



Saturday 27th June. Rain, mist and low cloud at Lerwick, and with no sign of the weather improving the convoyer Darren Shepherd has decided to call a HOLDOVER for todayRead-more

Dock Side

Our birds were fed, watered and rested at Lindisfarne last night and they arrived at the docks this morning where agin they were fed, watered and rested prior to loading.

Our sponsor Northlink Ferries are taking a great intrest in the birds and have put pictures on thier facebook page and Twitter.

Please call back laterRead-more

Lerwick - Kings Cup

Well just over 1000 birds will be traveling with the NRCC convoye to Lerwick.

We are proud on this occasion to be sponsored by Northlink Ferries and Unikon.Read-more


Please be aware that it is your longitude and latitude that determines what section you are in.Read-more

Dunbar Amendment

"" Read-more

Perth Section Winners

As the dust settles on the second North Road Championship Club race of the season, from Perth and sponsored by The Racing Pigeon, we take a look at the section winners on a day when returns were excellent.


Verify Oniline

As you are already aware the birds were liberated at 06:30 hrs by conveyer Darren Shepherd./p>

If you use the web site why not verify online it is very easy. here is how. /p>

If you haven't already done so, please create a log in. I will approve all new ones through out the day

When you have logged in you will see 'verification' in the menu, now click on it.

Enter your competing Number

Select the race 'Fraserburgh'

Enter your time in 'hours and minutes'

Now click on Submit

A small box will appear, now click 'ok'

You will now appear in the provisional result

Please note you must be logged in to see 'verification in the menu'

Thank you and good luck.Read-more

Fraserburgh Liberated

Convoyer Darren Shephered liberated the Fraserburgh birds at 06.30 on Monday 15th June 2015 with no wind.

If you haven't already done so, please create a log in. I will approve all new ones through out the day

Okay, at the top of the site you will see 'create Log In' Please click on this and fill in your details.

When you have logged in you will see 'verification' in the menu, now click on it.


Fraserburgh feeding

Spot the feeders in the centre of the crates. We give your birds the best of care when in our charge!

Please call back tomorrow for more information.Read-more

Fraserburgh Water on!

The transporter has arrived at Fraserburgh shortly after 11am this morning (Friday 12th)

The guys levelled the lorry up and the birds were watered by Darren and Merv.

Darren reports the weather is beautiful up there today!Read-more

Section Amendments

NB It has been brought to the committees attention that some members have been placed in the wrong sections.

Upon checking, it was found that a few members at the lower end of the NRCC are indeed in the wrong section.

This has now been rectified and the members concerned that have entered in the first two races have been notified.

If any member has any doubt which section they belong they can telephone the race secretary on 01733 322424.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Thank you.Read-more

Online Entry , yes!

Not entered?

Go to the bottom of the home page now and get those entries in. If you have any issues call 01205 871901 before 10pm.

Dean Lack from Nottingham was the first to do so this morning, 'simple' said Dean, Thank you.Read-more

Online Entry Live

You are not too late!

Online entry for Fraserburgh is live!

To enter on line go to the bottom of the page and click 'online entry' Simple yes.

If you are logged in you will receive an email confirming your entry,if not then you will not receive an email from the NRCC just your 'paypal' confirmation.

If you have any problems please call 01205 871901 and we will walk you through it.

Come on lets break the 2000 barrier Read-more

Feeding Fraserburgh

Yes of course we feed the birds when we basket on a Thursday, just as we do for Thurso. This was a 'typo' in the rule book.
The birds will be fed Thursday evening when the transporter stops on route and again on the friday when at Fraserburgh.

I hope this helps with the confusion with the error in the handbook.
Thank youRead-more

Perth Liberated

The convoyer Darren Sheherd liberated the birds at Perth at 08:00hrs in a light west wind, turning light west north west on route.
Good luck everyone.Read-more

Dunbar Sect' Winners

While the North Road Championship Club’s highly successful first race of 2015 was dominated by Norfolk fanciers, there were, as ever in this competitive club, excellent performances to win the respective sections.

In The Press

Guys, come onI We are probably the only organisation with our own 'professional journalist', George Wheatman is brilliant in what he does for the NRCC and at no cost to the organisation!


Online Results

How do you see the results? Simple select Racing in the menu and there you will see a sub menu, from there make your selection. For the yearling and noms resultsRead-more

Perth Entries

Yes we have posted this on the site twice.
There is no online entry for Perth and we realise it is a Bank Holiday on Monday so while you have time get your entry in the post and as long as it has a Tuesday post mark it will be accepted.
'Don't forget to let your friends know!' Read-more

Perth Entries

" Perth entries should be in by Tuesday 26th May.
We are still working on the 'online entry' so please be prepared to post your entry to Ian Bellamy
Thankyou" Read-more

Convoyers Report

This was my first day on duty with the NRCC. Once the birds were marked on the Friday at Nottingham it was off with the feeder wagon up to Newark to meet up with Merv and the birds were loaded onto the transporter with the help of Mick Wilson and his son.


2014 Winners


Dunbar Liberation

The pigeons at DUNBAR were liberated by Darren Shepherd at 8.30 in a strong West North West Wind. 'Good Luck to you all.'Read-more


""Good morning, I am informed by the race secretary Ian Bellamy that the conveyer is bringing the birds under 'starters orders, please call back for more news! " " Read-more

Clock Stations

" If you would like to have a clock station, please call Ray on 01205 871901. It is up to the member to check with his clock station which ETS system they can accommodate." Read-more

Liberation News

This is where you will find out what time we have liberated the birdsRead-more

New Partner

Two items of good news have emerged to boost the North Road Championship Club as the committee steam along the road to revitalising this 114-year-old classic organisation.


1st Kings Cup 2014

Having enjoyed the euphoria surrounding being crowned King of the North Road after winning the King’s Cup in the North Road Championship Club race from Lerwick, Mick Freeman has paid tribute to one of the men who helped set him on the way to this major success.Read-more

News Letter

We are still making changes to this site. It would be great if you signed up to our news letter so we are able to stay in touch with you! Read-more

New Convoyer

When the re-invigorated North Road Championship Club opens its 2015 programme with the race from Scottish seaside town, Dunbar, on Saturday May 16th, their will be a new man in charge of the liberation. Read-more