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In The Press

Guys, come onI We are probably the only organisation with our own 'professional journalist', George Wheatman is brilliant in what he does for the NRCC and at no cost to the organisation!

.We are trying hard to promote the club and it's members so please when you receive a call from Uncle George please give him all the help you can.
I have managed to get the link to the NRCC web site on Pipa however they seem reluctant to publish our winners, so we have to go to work ourselves, so what can you do to help?

If you win the section then straight away email us a picture of yourself (not your wedding photo). if you can't do it then get your son, daughter or grandson, ask a neighbour you can do it on most smart phone if you haven't gout a digital camera and email it to info@nrcc.co.uk If you like give us a few lines about the bird, previous performances, is it your first section or open win, origin of the bird, are you working or retired.

So come on lets get this great club and the members the maximum exposure we possibly can!

Thank you.