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A) GV & W Britton propose R Knight & Sons Second

Rescind Rule 21

Rule 21 to read:

Hours of Darkness (HOD). The HOD shall be:

• From 21.30hrs day of liberation until 04.45hrs next day for races taking place in May and July. • From 22.00hrs day of liberation until 04.30hrs next day for races marked in June.

• From 20.00hrs day of liberation until 06.15hrs next day for races taking place in September.

The HOD will be modified by incremental 10 minute periods should any bird be timed in within 40 minutes of close of each day, (eg Bird clocked at 10:07 extends HOD to 10:10. Bird clocked at 10:11 extends HOD to 10:20 etc) Each bird timed within the 40 minute period MUST be verified via the lib-line service and within 30 minutes of timing. Birds clocked after this time will be credited with a time from the opening of the race on the next day.

Carried 41 for 21 Against

B) Propsed Mr & Mrs Wright & Newbold ,Seconded D Perry

Recind Rule 2:2:2

Rule 2:2:2 to read:

2.2.2 Boundaries The boundary of the club will be, all lofts situated at least 470 miles from Victoria

Pier LERWICK. (RPRA official liberation site code 4057)

Failed 15 For 46 Against.