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Day of Champions Sale

"NRCC Auction

Some of the birds on offer on the NRCC Day of Champions Sale

.Lot 1) Wood & Batch 1st Open NRCC Dunabr 2017
GB17xxxxx Blue Cheq Cock Yes winners of the first race on this years calendar and yes this bird from the actual winner. This from a gdau of Rossi when coupled yo a Syndicate Lofts cock bird, more details to follow

Lot 2) Wright & Newbold 1st Open Old Hens Bird Berwick 2017
GB 13 X 30811 B.CH very lightly raced scoring 3rd Whitley bay 130miles, 4th Newton Aycliffe 105 miles both times beaten by loft mates! Beautifully balanced bird medium sized nutty brown eye.
A Daughter from our best stock clock GB 05 19005 won 3rd Whitby, 2nd Dunbar,2nd section Dunbar NRCC, 2nd open Dunbar NRCC 4,408 birds £569.50.. 2nd Whitley bay. 8th club Whitley Bay,8th section fed, 11th open Hull fed 1,286 birds. 4th Whitby. 1st club Thurso 386 miles, 1st section thurso nrcc, 6th open Thurso nrcc 2,830 miles £371.40 + Unikon system. 4th Whitley Bay. 53rd open Dunbar NRCC 3,666 birds. 125th open perth. 10th Perh 25th section Perth NRCC ,29th open Perth NRCC. + many more fed results. Responsible for many winners! Dam to gift bird GB 05 X 19031 Willy Thas x Houben. Raced very lightly with open Dunbar NRCC 4,408 birds. 1st club Faserburgh 1st section Faserburgh NRCC, 23rd open 3,612 birds 308 miles. Bred winners! GB 13 X 30811 B.CH very lightly raced scoring 3rd Whitley bay 130miles, 4th Newton Aycliffe 105 miles both times beaten by loft mates! Beautifully balanced bird medium sized nutty brown eye.

Lot 3) Bill Nuthal & Son
June bred cock bird ideal for pairing and selected by Bill and Ryan for their own stock loft but their passion for the NRCC got the better of them so now you can capitalise of their generosity
Sire GB16V48867 Bred by Syndicate Lofts and is already making hi mark in the Nuthall loft breeding winners. He is a son od Syndicate Lofts ‘Bronco’ Belg12/6325887 a direct son of Cow Girl winner of 1st olympiads duff Cat G yearlong pOLAND, 2ND hALVE fond Europcup 2010. In 2010 she also wone 8th Nat Argenton 7458b, 1st Prov 990b, 2nd Zone 2567b, 66th NAT Bourges17138B, 4TH Melun, 2567B, 4Tthe Dourdan, 2300B, 33RD Inter Provincial 1143b and in 2011 1st National Bourges, His dam is a direct a daughterof CALIPH our great breeding cock and a direct son of REZA of Marijke Vink winner of *1st Chantilly '03 10,589b,*1st Peronne '04 29,332b*1st Chantilly '04 21,892b *2nd NPO Chantilly 17,818b*5th Niergnies '03 5,607b a full brother to Drum and FARAH DIBA. Mother of HAF is SUNDAY GIRL bred by Jan Hooymans from HARRY paired to THE LAST ONE bred by Jan and Rik Hermans being the last one bred from the basic pair JAARLING DONDERSTEEN x JANSSEN DUIVIN. This really good breeding hen THE LAST ONE is Mother of NL12-020*6th NPO Blois 4.413b, when paired to Harry for Jan Hooymans.When paired to Harry she bred the father of FRIENDSHIP *1st National Chateauxroux 44,315b.
Dam is Belg16/6128306 direct from Danny Van Dyck and is from a son of DEN 11 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB and a brother to Kanon 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB, Den 11 is also the grand sire to Fiona 5th National As pigeon. Dam of ‘306’ is B14/6058528 and was 2nd Best Pipa ranking of Belgium, she was also 1st Nationa Ace Pigeon Union 2016 7th 7479b Bourges 50th National 14496b and many many top prizes.

Lot 4) Mr & Mrs Peter & Terri Rodgers 1st Open Thurso 2017
GB17V31876 Cheq Pied Sex not known These fanciers have won the NRCC from two different locations, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. This year the loft has been a real force to be reckoned with, from Lerwick they were 1st & 2nd Section 4th & 5th Open and from a very testing Thurso were 1st Open with other pigeons finishing 15th, 20th and 21st Open
The bird they are offering is GB17V31876 Cheq Pied, sex not known Sire is 15V13668 ‘South View Boy’ winner of 6th Club, 28th fed, 6th club, 13th fed beaten by three loft mates 2067b, 2nd club, 6th fed, 9th sect. 22nd Open NRCC Perth 1718b,1224b. 1st club, 2nd fed, 1st sect, 12th Open NRCC Fraserburgh 1224b, 2nd Club, 2nd Sect 5th Open NRCC Lerwick 2017 He is also the sire of 21st and 66TH NRCC Berwick5th Open NRCC South View Boy is from a G.Son of Full Try 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB when couple to a gdau of Red Barcelona. Dam of South View Boy os a gdau of National 11 winner of 1st Nat Limoges 13,502 b.
Dam GB15V13653 Blue Pied Roger Florizone Only raced as a youngster winning 29th fed 1047b and 5th fed 1058b. She is from Belg10/3141919 ‘Blue Barcelona’ and is from a G.so of 1st Primus Inter Pares Barcelena when coupled to a daughter of Vital Pomerol’ 1st National La Souterraine 11300b. 2nd Nat Cahors 11838b

Lot 5) Mr & Mrs Brian Guilford Long Eaton - Back to Back Winners of the NRCC Perth race in 2016 and 2017.
This is an up to date winning lof"