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Last year – 2016 – became a major milestone in the long and illustrious history of the North Road Championship Club when it saw members compete in the club’s
100th race from Lerwick

..It was certainly a day that winner Eddie Seabourne will never forget, although he
came so close to missing his biggest day in pigeon racing. Eddie, leader of the Hall and Seabourne partnership from Norwich, had submitted his
resignation from the NRCC, but then had a change of mind and withdrew his
request to quit. And how glad he was, as he still gets that special glow that only
a few national winners have the privilege of enjoying.
He is not leaving anything to chance this year, and in 2017 will be fighting to achieve the double. If you have not renewed your membership there is still time to do so, and there is time and room for new members who are looking to achieve the dream of victory in the biggest challenge for north road fanciers – winning the coveted King’s Cup from Lerwick.
Gold medals are permanent reminders of the achievement of all section winners in last year’s race, and this is something which, it is hoped, can be repeated in the near future.
In the meantime, to prepare a pigeon to master the challenge of racing home from the Shetland Islands is among the most satisfying achievements a long distance fancier can enjoy.
In addition to the Blue Riband race from Lerwick there is, of course, a programme of highly competitive races from Dunbar, Perth, Fraserburgh and Thurso for old birds, and the young bird and old hens race from Berwick.
A big thing for the club in 2016 was to take delivery of its own, brand new Geraldy transporter at a huge expense, admittedly, but a step forward thanks to the enterprise and brave decision-making of the committee, who were backed by special support from Peter Crawford, Mr and Mrs Jack Shelley and Dave Brackenbury, who deserve a great big thank you from members.
This year will see another step forward when a trailer from Geraldy, built to the same specifications as the lorry body, complete with corridor, automatic ventilation and watering system, comes into the ownership of the club.
This will give the NRCC a carrying capacity of just over 3,000 birds at 25 per crate. We are welcoming a number of new members this year, and we hope that figure will receive a boost by the trial of a new marking station for the London area. It will be at Cheshunt Football Club, Theobalds Lane, Cheshunt.
It is hoped that, by doing this, the club will continue to grow in an area which has a large number of north road fanciers. There is a warm welcome to everyone who wants to race with the NRCC. There are three other key issues to look out for this year:

The Perth race will see marking brought forward by 24 hours, so please note that this year marking will be on a Thursday. This will enable birds to be fed late on Thursday, and on the Friday prior to a Saturday liberation, thus giving all birds food and rest prior to the race. Surely this has to be a good thing.

The Thurso race will also see marking a day earlier than has been usual. This, weather permitting, will enable a Friday liberation. Hopefully time will tell if this is a positive move.

Then look out for a very special auction after the Lerwick race. This Friends of the NRCC auction will give fanciers the chance to acquire birds of the very top quality. We have been promised up to 20 high calibre birds from some of the top lofts in the UK. Keep an eye on the website and the Fancy Press for details of this chance of a lifetime.