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Dunbar 2016

Roy (Rocky) Wilson has joined a special, elite group of fanciers who have won two North Road Championship Club races.

.The Norwich flyer won the first NRCC race of 2016, the Belgica Deweerd-sponsored race from Dunbar on Saturday, when he had the best timing in a spectacular helter-skelter of returns.

It is a success he adds to his open win from Perth two years ago on a much more sedate velocity of 1247ypm, on a far from easy day then after a two-day holdover, compared to the latest scorching 2175ypm when there were mighty quick returns in all areas, race secretary Ian Bellamy reporting 100 per cent returns in many cases.

According to my quick glance through NRCC results since the first race in 1901, this appears to be a new record velocity for the club, previously held by Dales and Sayers, of Louth, when they won from Fraserburgh in 2010 on a velocity of 2146ypm.

Unfortunately I have not yet been able to have a word with the winner of the 2016 opening race but, when he won the 2014 Perth race with the five-year-old Gavin’s Boy, he revealed that he was a member of the strong Mile End club in Norwich, and only competed with widowhood cocks.

At the time he said: “In pigeon racing you get the good times and the bad times. I have had both, but this is definitely one of the good times.”

Saturday was another of the good days as he had the fastest pigeon from an entry of 2,107 birds sent by 190 members.

Roy, aged 54, has kept pigeons for more than 30 years, taking over from his father.

In general, it seems to have been a good day for the older generation of members, with Bob Boulton, Skegness, taking provisional runners-up spot and winning Section C; Alf Parkinson vying with Spalding colleague Tony Woolsey for top place in Section B; and Arnold Bennett being the provisional winner of Section E. All of these fanciers – with the exception of Tony, of course – are in their eighties.

A computer glitch prevented provisional results being shown on the club website as in previous years, but it is hoped that this will be remedied in time for the Racing Pigeon-sponsored Perth race on May 28th (entries close 24th, marking 27th). The provisional first four in each section, as provided by the race secretary, are:

Secton A
1 W Bearder & Sons Nottingham 1941.9082
2 D Lack Nottingham 1931.3467
3 Mr & Mrs Guilford Long Eaton 1927.7
4 M Wilson Brinsley 1920.9948

Section B

1 A F Parkinson Spalding 1972.2977
2 Mr & Mrs T Woolsey Spalding 1972.2639
3 K Burton Spalding 1962.9862
4 W A Pell Peterborough 1961.8455
Section C

1Mr & Mrs R Boulton Skegness 2152.0703
2 Mr & Mrs P & T Rodgers Skegness 2132.8824
3 A.J Pinner & Jasmin 2125.442
4 Dayton & Sayers Louth 2118.948 Section E

1 A Bennett Peterborough 1966.1435
2 D Bird & Dtr Chesterton 1935.25
3 I Bellamy Peterborough 1929.917
4 R Waller Peterborough 1926.0733

Section F
1 R Wilson Norwich 2175.08
2 D Hicks Norwich 2148.6054
3 M Neal Bury St Edmunds 2134.4167
4 K Crotch Norwich 2131.3043

Section H
1D Wilton & Son Chadwell St Mary 1985.505
2 M Connolly & Son London 1921.4
3J Connolley & Son London 1914.9867
4Mr & Mrs Luffman Buckhurst Hill 1910.9559

Section I
1 T Ablett Ipswich 1991.3818
2 K J Clarke & J Duff-Godfrey Ipswich 1990.3646
3 Mr & Mrs Christensen Basildon 1980.6689
4Mr & Mrs R I Reason Manningtree 1976.383

George Wheatman