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Day of Champions Sale

2016 NRCC Day of Champions Sale
Springfields Exhibition Centre, Spalding, Lincs PE12 6EU
Viewing 11:30hrs Sale kicks off 13:00hrs
Telephone Bids to Ray Knight 01205 871901 or Brian Garnham 01205 760696

The NRCC ids one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the UK today.
Their membership over the years has and still does boast some of the best names in pigeon sport in the UK. Here we offer you a select draft of older birds of impeccable quality that will grace any loft.
Following on from the older birds we have a promise of a 2017 young bird from some of our fiercest competitors that have been topping the results in recent years.Rest assured you will not be disappointed.
Here is a selection of birds to wet your appetite. More will be added later and telephone bidding will start on Firday 25th November and the birds will open in the room at the highest telephone bid at the NRCC Day of Champions on Saturday 3rd December 2017
More details can be found on the NRCC’s web site at www.nrcc.co.uk

.Lot 1) R & R Lofts of Peter and Terri Rodgers. GB16X02286 Blue Hen
An ideal opportunity here to get a great virgin hen full of winning pigeons in every generation of her pedigree, she has only had one race this young bird season as it was decided that she would be put to one side for the breeding loft as her nest mate was already showing strong signs of promise winning both club and federation cards. Rest assured when this loft stop a pigeon it’s for good reason and now it is your opportunity to get hold of a super young hen full of winning blood. Her sire is the ‘Young Showman’ 09Z05883 full of winning Van de Rhee bloodline and is the sire, g.sire and gg.sire to club and federation winners including the Chester 2 Bird winner from essay for Mr Millward of Flintshire. The Young Showman is from ‘The Showman’ a super breeder being responsible for club federation and combine winners with one cock from him breeding 3 x 1st Cornish Combine winners. His sire is the Young Armando winner of 17 x 1st, inc. 3 x 1st fed and a total of 42 prizes. Dam of Young Showman is the super breeding hen Champion Wonder Girl GB01C06573, she is responsible for generations of winners. Dam of lot 1 is not only already breeding winners but she is from one of if not th best JP Gevaert cocks in the UK, ‘The Witpen he is the sire to 20 Wrexham federation winners and g.sire to many, many more, one hen from him won 6 x 1st prizes, he in turn was couple to a daughter of Young Bol, a winner of many top prizes including 1st fed 1790b, 5th fed 1,400, 1st fed 1956b, 106th Open 4401 birds.

Lot 2) John Lensen GB15X31522 Blue Cock
John is a fierce competitor at club, federation and Championship level, his Soonjten based family rcl up win after win every season and ladies and gentlemen if it is Soontjen blood you are after look no further because all of the golden lines are here. Sire is bred by none other than Brian Clayburn of Ackworth in Ponterfract and has proved to be a great breeder for John. His sire in turn won 1st Section 3116b, 29th Open 7198b, 1st club 6th fed 4326b, plus many many other prizes, his dam too was a winner being 43nd fed Liller in ’02’ and herself was the dam of 2nd Barnsley fed from Picauville in 03. Dam of lot 2 is 09sed4112 from the loft of Ray Forbes, she has bred multiple winners for John and contains all the great Soontjens such as Geschifte, Blue Geschifte, The Tame Hen, the list gows on and on and is soaked in very generation with winner after winner, of you are looking to acquire these golden bloodiness that have made such an impact on the racing scene at every level in the UKlook no further it is here!

Lot 3) Terry Winterton Mature Young Pigeon
A super lot from ’the quite man’ who lets his pigeons do the talking, one of the gentlemen of the sport Terry and take it from me if you had him in your club despite him being the quiet man he would give you a headache! This year terry was 2nd Open in a very hard race from Lerwick timing on the day, intact it was the second time that Terry has been 2nd Open. Terry also wins the Old Bird Averages and the Overall Averages in the NRCC in 2016The sire of the pigeon that Terry has donated is GB08X13653 he has a host of prizes including 12th Open NRCC Fraserburgh, 20th Open NRCC Lerwick 2011. Now the dam is really some special, she is a daughter of Terrys champion ‘Pure Pleasure’ a winner of 16 individual first prizes on 16 different races, not to mention his many other prizes. Pure Pleasure’s breeding is Janssen x Soonjten

Lot 4) Mrs & Mrs Guilford (Winners of NRCC Perth 2016) GB16L13630 Blue Hen
Right then if you are interested in winers and want to win look no further than this hen from a loft with 88 first federation wins and bearing in mind this loft is situated in Derbyshire and flying against people some 50 miles east of them and in the same section amassed no less than 7 second sections. The sire of lot 4 is a Janseen cock, not only a winner 4 x 1st including 2 x 1st federation plus countless other prizes he is a full brother to this years NRCC Perth Winner, just look at his brothers record, 1st, club, 1st fed, 1st Sect 1st Open Perth, 1st section, 2nd Open NRCC Fraserburgh 2012, 1st Section, 32nd Open Fraserburgh 2013, 2nd Section NRCC Arbroath and 2nd section NRCC Dunbar. Dam GB08L23777 and is Wildy x Rossier pigeon via Brian and Sue Stone. This pair are responsible for 3 x 1st,2 x 2nd and 2 x4th prize winners that also scored 3rd, 5th, 9th, 9th federation. This is a serious pigeon from a serious loft with winners in every generation!

Lot 5) Mr & Mrs Granham GB16B14446 Blue Cock
If you definatley want to clock on a hard day, look no further because Angela and Brian not only club chairman but NRCC Kings Cup Winners, never fail on them days when most of us are kicking the grass. ”Bill” especially picked for the NRCC Day of Champions 2016. Half Brother to GB13X00516 1st Sect. 4th Open Perth 10th Open Thurso NRCC 2016. Sire Bred by D Bullen & Son from last son of Reggies Boy 1st NFC Dax 1st British Sec. By3hrs. 5th International 2005. Dam is half sister to lsla's Rainy Day Boy 1 st.BICC 1st Sec. 1st International Pau 2011. Brought from Dave & Kirk for our Stock Loft. Dam "Sister of Reliance"· Half sis Bon-Ami Kings Cup Winner Lerwick 1998 Nestmate 1st Sect Lerwick 3rd Sect 10th Open equal with Half Bro Saxa Vord 2011.Darn GB13X00516 1st Sect 4th Open Perth 5th Sect 10th Open Thurso 2016. The nest mate to the mother of lot 5, GB07X00214 also won 1st Sect Lerwick 3rd sect 7th equal Open Saxa Vord with his Half Brother

Lot 6) Mr & Mrs O King & Sons GBXXXXXXX Cheq W/F Cock
Leroy, Joe and family are always banging on the door and were the 2015 NRCC Dunbar winner and scoreda massive 20 x 1st prizes this year. the have given the club a chew flight cock and combines some of the best bloodlines of Marike Vink and the dupe then Mystiqueof John Crehan, Sire Marijke Vine bred by Frank Dixon of Liverpool from his directs striking eleven flighted cock inbred to Domela 1st NPO Bourges 8579 bds he is sire to several winners Dam bred by John Crehan and is a dtr of Vladimir RPRA winner 1st combine ect x dtr Wolverine and Mystique she is dam several winners paired to different cocks

Lot 7) Rick & Spiers GB16R29896/ Cheq Hen
Sire is bred by one of todays leading lights in Belgium Danny Vn Dyke, he is from Favorite Broer Kanon, yes a full brother to Danny’s super pigeon Kanon, KANON winner of 1st Belgian ace pigeon middle distance Europacup 2010, 4th Nat. Ace pigeon middle distance youngsters KBDB 2009, 1st Dourdan 1245b, 1st Dourdan 1938b, 1st Marne 3040b, 6th Dourdan 1962b, 23rd Noyon 1481b, 35th Dourdan 1747b, 44th Dourdan 1478b, 65th Quiévrain 1654b, SIRE OF 1st NATIONAL ACE PIGEON KBDB KLEINE HAFO JONGE 2013 when paired to a full sister of Rik Herman’s Charlene, winner of 5th NATIONAL Argentan 11,001b, 6th NATIONAL Chateraux 22,718b, 27th NATIONAL Argentan 4782b. Dam of lot 7 is Aleda, she was put to stock after two years but not before winning 1st NRCC Old Hens, 1st Yearling Classic Thurso, 6th Open Thurso, 51st Open Perth, 3rd Open Fraserburgh, 2nd Open Queens Centenery Race, 2nd Open Midland 2 bird club Thurso beaten by loft mate, 1st club Perth and many, many more prizes. Winners, winner and winners ruining through this pigeon, a pure investment for you breeding loft.

Lot 9) I & S Rich Islesham 2015 Kings Cup Winner
If you want to fly the distance this is the loft for you, winners of the 2010 NRCC Thurso race and the 2015 Kings Cup race from Lerwick is a record in itself. Ivan doesn't just get one either when he clocks on from the distance you can rest assured there will be more birds baking it up.

Lot 10) Kevin Lawson Ollerton
A quality pigeon of that you can be sure, Kevin needs no introduction, awaiting further instructions.

Lot 11) Billy Bearder & Son Nottingham GB12R1337 Barless Mealy Cock
Now if you are looking to fly Lerwick look no further. Billy has really pulled some thing from the top draw for this sale. A mature cock direct from his won breeding loft that has bred winners and is a direct son of his Kings Cup Lerwick winner. This cock is full of wining Wildermersch blood that over the years have smashed record after record in this great club and in the UK. The sire was the ‘Jiver’ of Porter & Richardson, the Jiver won Thurso as a yearling and again as a three year old. He was a son of GTXi a winner of 3 x 1st Fed, 3rd NRCC Thurso, 6th NRCC Perth, 9th NRCC Thurso and is a son of Young Trimard and the Dream Hen. Dam of the Jiver is Nellie and scored 5th Perth, 5th Thurso, Nellie is a daughter of JC & Percys Girl. Dam of Lot 11 is ‘Bills Pride’ which flew Lerwick three times winning the King George 5th Cup from the great race. She also won, 5th Ripon, 2 x 3rd Northallerton, 1st, 5th, Thurso. She is also of the FVW bloodlines coming down fromColin Maddocks and Woofe Bros, Getting a pigeon from a Kings Cup winner is one thing but to get a proven breeder is another!

Lot 12) Mr & Mrs Russell Skiner GB16Z90222 Chequer Cock
This loft should need no introduction to the north road as it’s race record in the NRCC was outstanding. Winners of Perth, Thurso twice and 2nd Open Lerwick plus many, many other top prizes. He is a G.son of Rheeveal winner of 1st Open NRCC Thurso when coupled to her own son, a winner of 2 x 1st. The dam comes down from the lofts number one cock Diamond Geezer, 1st Open Thurso when coupled to Lola winner of 1st federation Lerwick 2nd Open Kings Cup Lerwick.

Lot 13) Tony Woolsey Red Grizzle Hen Belge/2014 Pigeon
Bred by Eric Ceuleman the nest mate of this pigeon was Eric best youngster of that year. She is an exceptional pigeon and has bred Tony some exceptional pigeons and is only available as Tony has cut right back to only two couple of breeders, so Tonys loss is now to be your gain!

Lot 14) Red Cock GB16X
This cock raced young bird Berwick this year and is from one of our best breeders ‘Red Lucien’ He was purchased as a youngster from Lucien in 2009 he was raced here and won minor and first prizes before putting him in the breeding loft. The dam of lot 14 is a daughter of ‘Jackie’ winner of 1st Open NRCC Berwick 2013. These pigeons are a fast maturing pigeon and have broken and set records in the NRCC Young Bird Berwick race like no other!

Lot 15) Rouse & Webster
David won Thurso last year and was second open in the Kings Cup from Lerwick. David offers a hen from his winning distance family of Soonjten;Jan Arden Pigeons

Lot 16) Rick & Spiers GB16X29851 Blue GB16X00950 Dark
A unique lot this as the purchaser will have the choice of no. 51 or 50. The sire is ‘Reggie’ bred by Frank and George Bristow and a direct son of Oscar winner of 1st Open Kings Cup Lerwick. Dam of Reggie is a daughter of Kezi also winner of 1st Open Kings Cup Lerwick, now that is not one but two, first Open Lerwick winners in only two generations of the sire, surly it gets no better. Dam of 51.50 is a proven breeding hen combing the best of Mitchell Brothers Gold Medal winning family right throughout up to classic level winning numerous gold medals, they are all in this wonderful hens pedigree.

The following lots are a promise of a 2017 Young Bird.

Lot 17) Dayton & Sayers, the 2016 Young bird Berwick and Old Hens Winners How many wins ahas Albert Sayers played a part in, we'll i have lost count a young bird from this loft will not go amiss in any ones loft.

Lot 18) Richard Mamwell Multiple NRCC Winner 2017 young bird

Lot 19) Peter Crawford Ipswich One the best Lerwick flyers to grace the North Road Championship Club flying some 600 miles into Ipswich Peter puts ups great account every year. This year he offers a 2017 youngster bred from his 2016 Lerwick Section winner, this cock also wine the section from Dunbar and will be coupled to the hen that won 1st section and 5th Open Lerwick.

Lot 20) F Dawkins & Son, London Fred and son put up a remarkable achievement this year finishing 3rd Open from Perth flying some 110 miles further than the two pigeons beating them.

Lot 21) Brian Woodhouse, London Never far away Brian and a great supporter of the club his results over the years in the NRCC have been outstanding with numerous section wins

Lot 22) G W Chalkley & Son, London 2017 Youngster this season George and his son have had a great season winning 2nd,3rd, 2 x 10th Open in the London NR Combine. Great supporters of the club this loft a great offer for the lucky purchaser.

Lot 23) S Rudledge, Norwich ‘Spud’ as he is affectionately know, Spud is a multiple NRCC winner, winning Perth last year, the youngster sSpud is giving will be from his 2nd NRCC Fraserburgh winner, as a yearling this pigeon also won Thurso

Lot 24) Riggot & Richardson, Newark Former partner of Porter & Richardson, John now flying with Bill Riggot will donate a 2017 youngster

Lot 25) Tony Woolsey, Spalding Tony and Edith Woolsey are great supporters of the NRCC and not a year goes by without them topping the peterborough and District Federation Tony offer a 2017 youngster

Lot 26) Mr & Mrs Dave Evans, Alford Winner of 1st Open NRCC Thurso 2016, Old hens 2016, Arbroath 2015, the list goes on and on. Pat and Dave offer a 2017 youngster.

Lot 27) Paul & Jayne Newbold Paul & Jayne offer a 2017 youngster and will be from the new introduction of Steffan Lambrechts, these pigeons are some of the hottest on the market at the moment, so don't miss out

Lot 28) Ray Knight A 2017 youngster from one of Rays winning family, be it one of his Lucien family or Leo Heremans.

Lot 29) Terry Winterton Twice this loft has achieved 2nd Open Lerwick amongst many, many more outstanding wins, Terry offers a youngster from his ‘Lerwick Family’

Lot 30) Hall & Seabourne This lot is very special in that it is from the 2016 NRCC Kings Cup Winners, not only will these youngsters be from the loft they will be bred direct from ‘Dark Diamond’ the actual 2016 Kings Cup Winner’ Dark Diamond contains the lines of Billy Napper’s Busscheart Mad Max lines, but is also crossed into Verehagen lines, he has a successful racing career with wins up to Thurso prior to the Lerwick win and Eddie will be selecting a super mate for him.

All of the above details can be viewed at www.nrcc.co.uk Telephone bids will be taken up until Friday 2nd December in the result of two bids the same we will return a call to both callers asking if they wish to make a higher bid. At the close of telephone bidding the birds will open in the auction room at the highest bid price. I f requested we can call you on the day of the auction.