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100th Lerwick Race

Plans are emerging for the most anticipated ever North Road Championship Club race from Lerwick.

.Six months away is this prestigious old club’s 100th race from the Shetland Islands, and, if it was not incentive enough just to be involved in such a milestone race, secretary Ray Knight has announced more reasons to be involved in making history on the north road.

The breaking news is:
1 First prize for the winner will be £1, 000 – guaranteed.
2 Every section winner will receive a gold medal.
3 There will be a special £100 prize for the longest flying bird on the day.
4 The open winner will receive a magnum of champagne to help along the celebrations.
5 Section winners will not be left out. Each one will receive a bottle of champagne.

This news comes as the NRCC committee embrace the excitement, and challenge, of organising the most symbolic race of 100 years of competing from the most iconic race point in the British Isles.

Prestige alone of winning this Race of the Century should be enough to entice entries from the top distance fanciers eligible, but now there is even more incentive.

To have your name engraved for posterity on the King’s Cup, one of the most valuable trophies in pigeon racing, is the dream of all north road flyers.

Now the generosity of dedicated, big-hearted sponsors has added even more tangible awards.

The guaranteed £1000 first prize comes thanks to the selfless generosity of two men who know full well the demands of racing from Lerwick, Dave Brackenbury and Richard Manning, and the £100 prize for the longest flying bird comes courtesy of another top fancier Graham Kirkham. Members of the NRCC will be extremely grateful to these men for making this landmark event even more special.

The champagne comes by courtesy of Pol Roger, another very welcome sponsor. Sir Winston Churchill was said to be the most illustrious devotee, and customer, to Pol Roger’s vintage champagne.
He is quoted as saying: “In defeat I need it, in victory I deserve it.”
Considering Sir Winston’s Bulldog spirit when it was needed most, this is an appropriate sponsorship for an event that embraces his fighting attitude.

As everyone knows, this is not a racepoint to send birds that are not bred to the highest standards, and sent in the very best of racing conditions, with the shortest flyers competing over 480 miles, and the longest within a whisker of 600 miles, but the NRCC has seen over the past 115 years that they have fanciers of the calibre to overcome the demands. The ferry crossing takes 14 hours, aided by huge marine diesel engines, and our wonderful pigeons have only their physical strength, and large hearts, to see them over this vast stretch of water. For two-thirds of this 14-hour crossing, all one can see on the horizon is the sea. It is immense.

Winning the King’s Cup for topping the list from Lerwick must be every fancier’s dream.

First of all, to be within touching distance of that dream, you have to be a member of the famous North Road Championship Club and, if you are not already, secretary Ray Knight will be happy to welcome your application at Lynwood, Nut Lane, Old Leake, PE22 9JF; tel 01205 871901; e mail secretary@nrcc.co.uk.

It is your chance to be part of pigeon racing history.

George Wheatman