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Auction News

"The NRCC Day of Champions Auction

The NRCC ids one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the UK today. Their membership over the years has and still does boast some of the best names in pigeon sport in the UK.

Here we offer you a select draft of older birds of impeccable quality that will grace any loft.

Following on from the older birds we have a promise of a 2016 young bird from some of our fiercest competitors that have been topping the results in recent years. Rest assured you will not be disappointed.

Here is a selection of birds to wet your appetite. More will be added later and telephone bidding will start on Firday 27th November and the birds will open in the room at the highest telephone bid.

Older Birds

Lot 1: Dayton & Sayers, winners of this years Perh race and yes what a way to kick the sale off the bird offered is direct from their 2015 Perth winner when couple to a Soonjten cock that this hen has already bred winners with, now then lets recap, this pigeon is from a 2015 NRCC Open winner and a at the same time a full brother to a winner!

Lot : John Bellerby Blue Chequer Cock (2012) Eric Ceulemans, John won NRCC himself in 2012 from Perth. The pigeon is a full brother to Franks Bristows ‘Rosie’ which was bred by Johns pigeons at Franks loft. Rosie was a multiple Midland National Section winner as a yearling.

Lot 3: Ray Knight, Blue Hen, a mature young bird bred from our Leo Hermans lines, to be precise a daughter of our first Open old hens winner, now this hen did not only win the sold hens race but arrived with our first drop of 12 pigeons on that day so is probably the only old hen to ever record a velocity higher the the young birds in this race.

Lot 4: John Lensen, Cheq W/F Hen Soontjen John is a true racing man, no free loaders are kept in this loft. John races a formidable team of Soontjen pigeons right through from, club, federation and open level. Sire is GB05/118 bred by Brian Clayburn, now they do not come any better than that, He is a son of 1st 3116 birds from Picauvuille as a yb on a velocity of 1066ypm and a winner from 1st club, 6th fed as a yearling 4326 birds. Dam of lot four was bred by Ray Forbes of Durham and yet another great source for the original Soontjens and gis bred from children such pigeons as Pied Geschifte own son of Geschifte, the Tame Hen,, Blue Geschifte a winner of 6 x first for Jos Soontjen and again a direct son of Geschifte. Ladies and gentleman if you are looking to bring in some top proven winning blood, you will not go wrong with having a go at this pigeon.

Lot 5: Kevin Cotch Kevin and Family were winners of the 2015 Fraserburgh race and Kevin has selected a cracking hen bird from his Frans Zwolls pigeons, rest assured Kevin spered no expense when restarting in the sport and his meteoric rise to Open Class level is testament to his family of direct Fans Zwolls. " . "

Lot 6: Rick & Spiers, multiple federation, amal winners this partnership are always about winning the NRCC Old Hens race and many other section wins. The pigeon they have donated is Dark Cheqeur late bred so sex not quite sure Sire is ‘Regie’ a Ceulemans x Caseart, now read this carefully, Regie is a son of Oscar 1st Open Kings Cup when paired to Miss Perfect a direct daughter of a Kings Cup Winner.
Dam is Aleda who was put to stock after two years but not before winning 1st NRCC Old Hens, 1st Yearling Classic Thurso, 6th Open Thurso, 51st Open Perth, 3rd Open Fraserburgh, 2nd Open Queens Centenery Race, 2nd Open Midland 2 bird club Thurso beaten by loft mate, 1st club Perth and many, many more prizes. Winners, winner and winners ruining through this pigeon, a pure investment for you breeding loft.

Lot 7: Blue Hen Mature Youngster ready for pairing. Now then you really do not get these come up at auction but because of the reason for this auction the man himself ‘Mad Mick Feeman has donated a direct of his 2014 North Road Championship Club Kings Cup winner, now if your eyes are on the ultimate in UK long distance racing look no further, these pigeons have to start with a hundred miles of North Sea at the bare minimum before they educe a further 400 mile trip home! Do you want to win the Kings Cup, well remember ‘apples do not fall far from the tree’ and this one has just been picked especially for you.

Lot 8 David Rouse 1st Open Thurso 2015, This lot is 2015 youngster from this years Thurso Open Winner.

Lot 9 Terry Winterton Red Cock GB14X19849 A top, top loft. Terry has selected a mature pigeon that you can take home and pair up and breed your own winners. This cock is is fro a whole dynasty of pigeons that have won at open level in the NRCC. His sire is 07x151 winner of 25th Open Thurso, 25th Open Fraserburgh, 1st club Perth and many, many other prizes. Dam of 849 is GB07Z079 winner of 22nd Open Thurso and is down from Terry’s pigeons that have had fives times Lerwick and four times Lerwick each. Terry is one of our 2015 Diploma of Merritt winners, rest assured this cock is the real deal!

Lot 10 Paul & Jayne Newbold, Paul and Jayne have assured me the buyer will not be dissapioted, details not to hand at the time of going to press please see our web site for details.

Lot 11 Terry Roughton, Terry is a great competitor recent performances include 2nd Open Kings Cup Lerwick , 2nd Open Thurso, on the south road he was won the section in two different Classic clubs.

Lot 12) Mr & Mrs B Garnham. GB15X30689 Light Cheq Hen A super hen from a proven son of Butterwick Bon Ami winner of first Open Kings Cup Lerwick when paired to a sister of ‘Firecracker’ of Porter and Richardson. Dam of 689 is an inbred daughter of John Rumneys ‘Rob Roy’ 271st Alencon 449 miles, the longest flying pigeon in the result, 1st NE Greater Distance club Piotiers 578 miles and 1st NE gREATER distance club Saintes 631 miles, if you want pigeon that fly hard on these long races look no further, these are proven lines that deliver!

Lot 13) John Salt, Double NRCC winner, more recently John won the Thurso race. I have raced against John and he is a formidable fancier, I will never forget when he topped three different federations from three different race point on the same day! John is a great selected of pigeons and you can rely on some thing special from this loft. More details will follow on the NRCC web site.

Lot 14 Tony Woolsey A direct Geert Heylen pigeon Pencil Pied Cock, Belg10/6292319 from the Klak winner of 2 x1st, 1 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd, Dam is The Lady 1st prize winner from the Mirage of 16 x 1st. This is a proven pigeon and the only reason it is offered is because this sale is for the NRCC. A great gesture by Tony and Edith

Lot 15) Carl Upsall & Grandson This is a multi NRCC winning loft, takes multiple prizes in the federation, a great bird will be given by Carl and grandson Reece, Our offering is GB14X24738 She is from a son of Perfection GB 09X00475 x GB11X30160 Perfection was 4th Open NRCC Centenery Race 1st Lincolnshire 1st Peterborough & District Fed and many more prizes in a great career. He is from Blue Bar Cock GB05Z13124 a son of Mick Betts Gallileo 1st Open MNFC and a stunning unrung Dark Cheq hen on loan from Mick who had bred Fed winners for Mick. The dam was bred by Frank Tasker and was from a pairing of a son and dtr of Franks NRCC Berwick winner and Russ Skinners NRCC Perth winner. I never got a pedigree as It was a gift from Frank to me

Lot 16 Kevin Lawson Again one of the top fanciers in the country and a multi NRCC winner, i have no idea what Kevin considers his best result as he has won the NRCC multiple timesb, this year he sent one to Lerwick and finished 3rd Open Lerwick, further details on will appear on our web site.

Lot 17) Rouse and Webster A youngster from their 2nd Open NRCC Lerwick winner, now people this is one you do not want to miss and will go well with lot 8, start your own NRCC winning family!

Lot 18) Ivan Rich, 1st Open Thurso, 1st Open Lerwick, a great loft of pigeons that win at the highest level.

2016 Young Birds

Purchaser will be given a receipt with the donor’s details on.

1) Dayton & Sayers 1st Open NRCC Perth 2015, rest assured these guys will be a force in 2016. Rest assured it will be some thing special from this partnership. Richard Mamwell Past NRCC winner and super racer with super pigeons, and now you can have one.

2) Carl Upsall Multi NRCC winner with a super family of performance pigeons that win at all distances!

3)John Lensen Top flyer with his Soontjens

4)Mr & Mrs Guilford A super racer the basket is their selector, multiple federation wins and three times first section and six times 2nd section and one 3rd section to a loft 40 miles east of them. A youngster from one of this lofts bisection winners!

6)Tony Woolsey Tony fly’s in the Spalding HS with the peterborough & District federation an is no stranger to topping the fed despite flying some thirty odd miles further than the short droppers and offers the pick of the loft

7) Ross Olive Ross is a 2015 Diploma of Merrit winner and has topped his section in the NRCC this year, a youngster for your team in 2015

8)Dave Evans, Dave and Pat have won the old hens race, in 2014 won 1st Open Arbroath and every year is amongst the l;eading birds in the young bird race. Thi shear Dave and Pat have had an unbelievable season in the Peterborough and District Fed. Rest assured its will be a top, top bird from this loft!

9)Terry Winterton He’s here again this time you can have the pick either a pigeon from Terrys Thurso/Lerwick Family or his super successful sprint family and believe me they are super, ask Stuart McCurry twice MNFC winner! Take a punt on this guys you will not be disappointed.

10)David Hicks One from his Van Dyke family, no expense spared putting this family together and now it is your chance to reap the benefit, don’t be shy, get bidding!

11) DJ & A Robinson & C & A Gosling Previous winners of the NRCC Fraserburgh race and with a youngster from this multi winning loft you too will be on your way.

12) Brian Woodhouse Long time and respected member and fancier,, Briian has won the section twice this year and offers you a 2016 youngster from his modern day winning loft

13) Ray Knight Hard to write about myself but just take a look at the last three years NRCC Berwick result. This family has broken and set new records in this race, you will not be disappointed.

14) F Bristow Some of the best results in the country this loft, twice Kings Cup Lerwick, 2nd Open Thurso, twice first MNFC and a shed full of section wins with both organisations, come on don’t be afraid you just might get a bargain, call now with your bid!

15) Mr & Mrs Garnham Kings Cup winner and always banging ion the door, you will most definatley not be disappointed with a bird from our chairman!

16) Kevin Crotch 2015 Perth NRCC winner, Kevein promises some thing special!

17) A Woods One of the top flyers in Norfolk

18) Mr & Mrs Leroy King & Sons Multiple NRCC Winner, a 2016 Lambrecths youngster from this multi federation and NRCC wining loft.

19) M Vinks Details on web site

20) E Dillons Twice NRCC Winner, this only happens with good pigeons if it’s open class winners you want, look no further.

21) P Aldred Details on web site

22) Peter Crawford Now you want long distance Peter is one of our most outstanding fanciers on the distance, his family of Wescot and Willy thaw have both speed and metal for the job. SDix hundred miles Lerwick for this multi section winner from Lerwick. Incidently peter was the loft boy to Wescot Brothers

23) Micky Connoly, Mickey is a new member in the NRCC and is off to a flying start and has put up some out standing performances in to London beating many of our shorter flyers, get in now with these birds because these are surly to rewrite the history of the NRCC

24)Dave Fox Previous winner of Lerwick and Saxa Vord. It gets no better Kings Cup Winner and Saxa Vord winner, its your day all day and you can name the price but don’t loose it for a fiver!

25) I & S Rich 2015 Kings Cup Winner from Lerwick what a way to finish the sale a 2016 youngster from our 2015 Kings Cup Winner Ivan and his partner previously have won first Open Thurso in 2014, so if its proven pigeons for the big ones here it is and it has already kicked off at £50

Please note more birds may be added so please check the NRCC web site at www.nrcc.co.uk You may call Ray Knight on 01205 871901"